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students and teachers


students and teachers

There is no denying that teachers play a vital role in the lives of their students. They are the ones who guide them, inspire them and help them grow into responsible and successful adults. However, it is also important to remember that students are the future of our world. They are the ones who will be leading the way and making a difference in the years to come.

As such, it is important for students to take their education seriously and to always strive to do their best. They should also remember that their teachers are there to help them and support them along the way. By working together, students and teachers can create a positive and productive learning environment that will benefit everyone involved.

Students and teachers' relationship

students and teachers relationship

There's no denying that relationships between students and teachers can be complex. On the one hand, teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and helping their students grow and learn. On the other hand, students are often seen as being disruptive and uninterested in learning. However, there are many ways in which students and teachers can have positive relationships with each other.

One way to foster a positive relationship is for teachers to get to know their students. By taking the time to learn about their student's interests, backgrounds, and goals, teachers can show that they care about them as individuals. This can make students feel more comfortable in the classroom and more willing to engage with the material.

Another way to build positive relationships is for teachers to be clear and consistent with their expectations. When students know what is expected of them, they are more likely to meet those expectations. This can lead to a feeling of mutual respect between teachers and students.

Exercise with teachers

When it comes to getting in shape and staying healthy, there are few groups of people more important than teachers. As role models for their students, teachers have a unique opportunity to show the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many teachers are so focused on their work that they don’t make time for themselves. With long hours and demanding schedules, it’s no wonder that so many teachers struggle to stay fit.

Respect the teachers

We all know that teachers are important. They dedicate their lives to educating our children and shaping their future. But sometimes, we can forget to show them the respect they deserve.

It’s important to remember that teachers are human beings just like us. They have their own lives outside of the classroom. They have families, friends, and hobbies. Just like everyone else, they need to be treated with respect.

Learn experiences

As a student, I always looked up to my teachers. They were always so knowledgeable and seemed to know everything about their subject. I wanted to be just like them when I grew up. I never imagined that one day I would be teaching.

But that's exactly what happened. I became a teacher. And I quickly learned that being a teacher is not as easy as it looks. There is so much more to it than just standing in front of a classroom and lecturing.

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high volume low calories foods

 High Volume Low Calories Foods

If you're a student looking to cut down on calories, there are plenty of low-calorie foods that can help you out. Here are some of the best options for High Volume Low Calories Foods.

1. Fruits & vegetables
2. Lean protein
3. Spinach
4. Lean meats
5. Soup
6. Beans and legumes
7. Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce

1. Fruits and vegetables: These are naturally low in calories and packed with nutrients. Choose fresh or frozen options for the best results.

high volume low calories foods

2. Lean protein: Chicken, fish, and tofu are all great sources of lean protein. These can help you feel fuller for longer and help promote muscle growth.
high volume low calories foods

high volume low calories foods

These high volume low calories foods are for you! From water-rich fruits and vegetables to protein-packed beans and lentils, these foods will help you feel full and satisfied while still keeping your calorie intake in check. So stock up your kitchen with these high volume low calorie foods and enjoy!

high volume low calories foods

1. Broccoli – This low calories food is packed with nutrients and fiber, making it a great choice for weight loss.

high volume low calories foods

high volume low calories foods

2. Spinach – Another nutrient-rich low calories food, spinach is perfect for adding to salads or as a healthy side dish.

high volume low calories foods

high volume low calories foods

3. Lean meats – Chicken, turkey, and fish are all great sources of protein.

high volume low calories meal

high volume low calories foods

4. Soup - Soup is another great option for a low-calorie meal.

high volume low calories foods

5. Beans and legumes- Beans and legumes are a great addition to any weight-loss diet. They’re high in       fiber and protein, which can help you feel fuller for longer. They’re also low in calories and fat.

high volume low calories foods

high volume low calories foods

As a student, you may find yourself eating on the go a lot or snacking between classes. It can be hard to find time to cook a healthy, balanced meal. And when you’re trying to save money, eating out all the time is not an option.

Here are some healthy and low calories meal ideas that you can easily make on a budget:

1. Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce: This dish is packed with nutrients and is very low in calories. Spaghetti squash is a great alternative to pasta, and it’s easy to make. Just bake the squash in the oven and top with your favorite

high volume low calories foods

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that eating low-calorie foods can improve memory and learning. In a study published in the journal “Age and Ageing”, researchers found that mice who were fed a diet low in calories and high in antioxidants performed better on memory tasks than mice who were fed a diet high in calories. The researchers also found that the mice who were fed the low calories diet had better spatial memory than the mice who were not fed a diet at all.

high volume low calories foods

The researchers believe that the improved memory in the mice was due to the increased antioxidant activity in the mice’s brains.

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Children missing in india is going higher. One Child los in every eight minute

There is a saying that children are the symbol of God but in the country, India children, are missing every 8 minutes from the different state. So the question is that where children, been taken and why they are departed from the family. The missing children are mostly found doing the labor in the factories, prostitution, roadside so this topic is very crucial to observe. The data reveals how the year by year the children missing rate and tracing rate is fluctuating and that shows the shocking result.

The children are missing highly from the small town as well as big cities. The children mostly missing from places like Rajasthan(1,016), Dehli(1,828), Uttar Pradesh(804) according to the data compiled from RTIs. The children are disturbed in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and so on. On Average 174 children missing every day. And during this pandemic the rate increases in a rocket way. According to the state in 2019 the highest missing case was from Madhya Pradesh with 11,022cases. More than 5000 missing cases, reported from West Bengal, Bihar, and Dehli, respectively. The total number of children missing has increased by 16.39%in five years in India. In 2015 the number of missing cases of girls was 36,595 and the number of missing cases of boys was 23,848. But according to 2019, the number of girls missing was 73,138, and the number of boys missing was 21,074. The research shows that the children are missing from places where there is the family economic condition is very weak. And do not able to fulfill the basic needs. So they do not go to the police station for help it gives motivation to the traffickers and the kidnappers to take the children away from the family. 

Children trafficking becomes easy money for the people. They look for the children from the village who are not aware of human rights and even child right. Children who were missing in most cases take them to the country like Arab, Dubai, etc, and sell them illegally. They work in house as the servant in many cases they get tortured child missing includes half of the girls in comparison to the boy.  According to 2018, the number of missing girls was 47,191, while the number of boys was 19,784. Along with the data 2019, the number of child missing girl 52,049  and the number of boys were 21,074. kidnapped and taken to them in the red light area for sale. Even they sell the children in many factories in which the owner doesn't pay money according to their hard work. Even traffickers made the group of the children and let them go on the roadside to beg the money so this is directly considered child labor. As in India boy child consider as the symbol of happiness in many areas so from the hospital many boys' children were taken and sale them to the rich family who wants a boy child. Even many children get kidnapped for the money they do the blackmail for the parents and asked for the huge money. Only about 71,253 children out of 1.2lakh children were traced. The tracing rate is increasing tremendously such that the improvement was 60percent in 2019. In 2015 missing case was 102,790, in 2016 missing case was 111,569, in 2017 missing case was 118,971, in 2018 missing case was 115,656, in 2019 missing case was 119,617.  And the number of children traced in 2015 is 54,449, in 2016 children traced was 55,944, in 2017 the number of children traced was 70,440, in 2018 the number of children traced was 71,176, in 2019 the number of children traced was 71,253.

Furthermore, the traced children were sent to their biological parents and handover to them. But in some cases, they deny accepting the children because of the weak economic conditions, in this case, the various NGOs and INGOs come in front and adopted such children and help them to provide the basic needs like food, shelter, clothes as well as quality education for the personal development. To trace the children takes a month or year so the police and several organizations working patiently so such organizations should be awarded by the government for such work so that other people also get inspire and stand up to help the missing children. According to the estimation, the number of missing children is expected to increase in 2020.  Because of the pandemic, the reports show that the missing children rise rapidly because in the factory the demand for laborers increased all the workers moved to the home town so the owner demands most of the children for the child labor in which he/she do not have to pay the money they deserve. Furthermore to reduce the child missing by keeping in the mind of poor families who are economically weak government set the helpline numbers which are available for 24*7 hours.CIF(Child India Foundation)is the social welfare organization of the Union Ministry of women and Child Development, which are working for the rescue of children and conduct the various program that helps to make aware the people about child trafficking. Similarly, another institute also equally participating in the rescue of children who were missed by their lovable ones. Hence this is the initial step for the control of child missing. For dealing with the judicial, case the SOP plays a great role Similarly The Ministry of Women and Child Development also hearty open hand for the sponsorship of Child Protection Services (CPS) for supporting the children. The government should support such kinds of organizations that are working for the protection of child life and protecting from quagmire life.  

The government also trying to solve this problem by documentary videos on the dish channels, tv channels and many NGOs, INGOs are working there.

The illiteracy rate is also high in India in comparison to the other Asian country, so the report shows that most of the children are missing from the family who is from below average in income rather than the middle class and rich family. To control this the more organization should conduct awareness programs in every corner of the state like Rajasthan, Bihar where the child missing case is maximum. Therefore the children are the backbone of the nation if we improve today's child life coming days the country's status will be improved. They should be nurtured carefully for the better life of the nation. There is a saying that we should always remember first that what you contribute to the nation rather than what the country contributed to you. On the balance we all individuals duty to protect the child's life.

challenges to study in foreign countries

People always want to do work that is out of their limitations. Education is a very important element in a person's life. It is the only way that they can change the present situation so that they want to give the best in the study. There is a saying to best we have to learn from the best. So every year a lot of children look for the best university abroad. However, to find heaven we have to die first it means there are various challenges to study in foreign countries which are described below.

1)Differences in languages: The foremost is the languages. It is very difficult to cope with an individual who is from his or her mother tongue. For living, communication plays a very important role. For example, if the person from Nepal went to China then he or she does not know the language, and from the landing to the airport in China, it will be very difficult to find the room, University destination. If he or she goes to the Supermarket and it will be very difficult to conversation with the cashier at the counter. So the only way to overcome this problem he or she should learn the languages of that country which he or she wants to apply. It took almost 6month to learn the basics of any language. In this generation, there are various apps available in the market so we can learn the language at home at any time.

2)Apart from the loved ones: We human beings have various kinds of emotional states like happiness, sorrow, anger, etc. Abroad, we will become lonely most of the time due to the emotionally weak so he or needs support from our loved ones but it cannot be possible so in recent years 60% of students are suffering from depressions because of the lack of proper guidance and support. Most of the students got into this addiction so it can be recovered by making clubs like coffee clubs, food clubs, language clubs, gym clubs so that we cannot be alone and can get the opportunity to learn some skills too.

4)Cultural barrier: Different countries have different cultural values and traditions Western countries follow Christianity most whereas Most of the Asian is Hindu. Our ancestors made different cultural according to their lifestyle. For example, Asian students if they reach a western country like the USA,  Canada, will feel odd to cope up with that cultural environment. From wearing a cloth to eating different nations have their way to serve their God and goddess so it is very difficult to adopt such kinds of the environment so they can solve this problem, international students can solve the problem by exchanging their culture to another fellow by inviting friends and people to their festival and also participating their festival too.

5)Financial: It is very important to have a financial position strong. Many students get rejected due to having weak financial positions. In a foreign country, the tuition fees are very high, and also we have to pay extra tax than the national ones. The student took an educational loan at a very high interest rate so they get great tension to focus on their study it hampers their career too neither they complete the study nor they pay their loan. So to overcome this quagmire Students can give the exam set by the country for the scholarship like SAT, GRE so that they can get financial help from the university and can also chase a dream without any tension and paying any penny.

6)Accommodation: There is a saying that health is wealth for that to find the right accommodation is very important but in abroad with connection to find the right accommodation with all facilities is quite impossible so that for university students dorm is the best way for 1-year because after getting knowledge about the area and friends student can easily find the rental room so they save a lot of money.

7)Taste of good: The brain takes maximum time to adapt to the taste. In the world, there are different kinds of dishes available but to adapt every ingredient is like cracking the mountains with one hand. This is the foremost challenge for every student to adopt the food. Countries like Nepal, India, China eat very salty and spicy food but people from the USA eat less spicy and eat the boiled food. So that this dissimilarity in the food may become a big hurdle for the students. So that international students can share a room with a friend who is from the same nation so that they can make the food on their own and can match the taste also.

8)Adaptation of the teaching technique: Every country has their way of teaching and grading and credit hour too so that he or she may find it difficult to understand the information from the professor so that it will be a great impact on their grading too. Hence, as English is the International language but the tons is different from person to person so that it is very difficult to understand what the teacher wants to expound and students can feel in making the notes so they start to take tuition so it will become the extra expenses for them.

On the balance, Today is difficult tomorrow, awill be more difficult but after that they there will be a miracle so that there are challenges in a study abroad but also opportunities waiting for the door moreover above challenge should be first analyzed by the Student before they ponder to study in a foreign country after tackling this challenge s only they can survive easily in abroad.

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how to improve memory retention

how to improve memory retention

Humans being is social creatures, who can tackle every villainous situation of life with the help of the brain which is made up of the right and left brain. The right brain works creatively whereas the left brain works logically. So it is very important to talk about the memory power of human beings. If we analyze the nook of life in every field of career and to keep the relationship memory is important. For example, to remember the birthday of the wife, anniversary date husband should have a strong memory power so here are some tips to increase memory power tricks to remember anything:

how to improve memory retention


To increase memory power individual should remember the proper habit of diet. They should keep dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, avocado, milk in their breakfast because this food includes the nutrients that give plenty of nutrients for the brain.
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2)Exercise and yoga:

Mediation for every 30 minutes, every day of life helps to reduce the stress so it helps improve our memory power because stress reduces the thinking capacity to it develops the tiredness in our brain. Yoga like pranayama in which we have to inhale from one nostril and exhale from one nostril so that the maximum oxygen, reached the brain which helps in the memorization.
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Much we play and utilize our mind the power of performance will increase more so that it is very prominent to play mind games like Chess, puzzles, etc. we should decrease to use the calculator while solving math problems because the calculation helps to increase the power of the brain in results it helps to memorize anything easily.
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4)Practice remembering the dreams:

Our brain tries to recall every activity that happens in our daily life in our dream so every morning we have to try to remember that dream which we saw during night time it helps to increase our imagination as well memorizing power too.

5)Involve in physical activity:

In this modern time, people sit in one place with a quagmire Position so that it affects the backbone and spinal cord. As a result, less amount of information reached the brain. So that it creates less interest in the topic so we cannot memories the information properly.

To sum up, there are various methods to memorize information and improve memory retention.

1) Imagination:

There is a saying that "Imagination is greater than knowledge" by Albert Einstein. He always tries to imagine every aspect of the condition in his mind. He believes that visualization is key to give birth to new inventions and memorization too. In this method, we have to draw pictures in our brains. For example, If a teacher is teaching the topic of the life cycle of butterflies so we have to imagine the picture of the whole cycle from start to end because imagination help to draw the pictures of that things in our mind so that information remains longer Time.

2)Context cues:

Another method is Context cues in this method we relate the information that we have to memorize and the thing around us because our mind absorbs the thing easily which is very near to us. For example, if we have to present our presentation in the school so we can juxtapose the information like the number 2009 to 9is your class and 2is your roll numbers while giving a presentation you will not forget the information.

3)Make a story:

We never forget the story of the film which we see once a time. Similarly, we have to create the story in our mind while memorizing certain information so it will remain in our brain for many years. For example, If we have to remember the history subject and the name of the prime minister, we can make the story like ABC name is the son of DEF prime minister GHI marry with ABC pm and soon so that it will store in our right brain and helps to remember during exam easily.

Hence, above are the major tips and tricks for memorizing information and improving memory power. The above method is scientifically proven so that any age of the people can apply this method. Different age people have different memory power after applying this method all will able to memorize information.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Prepare a room for good student

 Prepare a room for good student.

Mind is easily inattentive through small incidents so that parents should careful and give high priority while preparing the room for children, specifically if they are students. Therefore, the following are some ways that should be kept in mind to prepare a room for good students:

prepare a room for good student

1)Colors of the room:

According to a study was done in America, European countries, and so on it has been found that green color resembles the symbol of nature and life so the mind always feels relax when it will be between nature so it reduces the anger and frustration of the students which help them to be a better student so, the wall of the toom should paint Green.

2)Posters on the walls:

It is very important to give notice to the mind about our goal. Every student in life should have a goal otherwise there will no difference between the dry wood and that individual life. In addition, there should be the kind of posters in the room that should be related to the goal of that student. A good student aims to be a doctor then he or she will paste the picture like Skeleton, Nervous, lymphatic systems anatomy in the wall. Likewise, if an individual wants to become a scientist then should paste the picture of scientists they follow so that he or she will get daily inspiration from the poster and can do better in their field.

3)Materials in the room:

A good student likes to study at the table and chair most and rarely prefers bed for study so while preparing the room it should not forget that there should be calender, alarm watch, dustbin, water bottle, table and chairs where the student can sit properly and can do their work easily. In addition, the table should be attached with a rack or wardrobe, so they can keep their books, pencils, pen, and all materials in an organized way. As a result, it helps them to find the thing while they need.

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4)Weather of room:

The sensation of the environment feels first by the skin and in a second reaches to the brain So that the room should be facilitated with proper equipment that helps to adapt in the room in a various season like Summer, winter, spring, rainy. It is because a student will be challenged to be in a room without a fan, air conditioner in the summer season.

5)Statue in the room:

There is a saying that the goddess of knowledge is Saraswati So that in every book It is believed that there is the blessing of God and the goddess. Hence, there should be a statue of God or Goddess so that there will be always positive vibes in the room and always help to think positive things and in a result leads to manufacturing good students.

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6)Distraction material the room:

A good student should give the most of the time to study and gain knowledge so the distraction materials like video games television, mobile should keep away from the room and only allow outside of the rooms that after completion of  their work they will enjoy their mobile phones for chatting, Social Media, television for different shows games and so on for the refreshment of their mind

7)Small Library:

To become extraordinary we have to think, speak differently than others so that for the good student there should make the small library by keeping the different style of the wardrobe and keep the books like a novel so that they can nurture their mind by grabbing knowledge profound by the great people, in many fields like Science,  art,  management which help them for personal development and can make them the better person.

9)Silence environment:

The wall and the door of the room should be soundproof because for the good student the focus is the main key for example while solving a math problem if someone noise enters that room then it will hamper her or his focus. 

10)Exercise tool:

A tool like skipping, dumble, yoga mat, yoga books should be in the room so that they will focus on physical and mental health which help them to do better in sports as well as in study because our body is not only made up of nervous system it is made up ok by the circulatory system, skeleton systems, etc. so yoga and exercise help to keep fit so that help for better performance in every field of life and also leads their to achieve the better character person in life.

Hence, there are a lot of things that should be remembered while making room and above are only slim picking materials that had been mentioned.

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Best Way to Success On Every Exam.

Best way to success on every exam

Best way to success on every exam

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We all know that we all have the exam phobia; this is because everyone says that you have to score the high grade. Anyhow but the amazing thing is that no one will tell the answer of how to recover such phobia. So there is saying that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. So within this article we are going to make the plan to success:

1. Observe the calendar:

There is the directly relationship between calendar and syllabus. Before becoming the panic you have to match the syllabus and the days remaining for your exam. You have to divide the chapter which one is important and hard one kept in the top priorities and then easy one. For example I have only 1 month to give the exam, it means I have 30 days. Split the topic from hard to easy within 25 days and 5 days for analyzing old question because it is very important to know which question matter most for you. It is said that we have to do the SMART work not a hard work.

2. Make a fixed schedule:

We all know that our mind doesn't focus on one thing. We all have a lot of things to do TV, mobile, pubG, social media but we do not have the time for study so that we have the procrastinating habit. The only way to solve this is make the list of the work you do and make top list for study, and then pubG ,social media so you can enjoy everything. For example first i wake up and get fresh and then have the routine that i have to read this topic anyhow and then only give time to other things like social media, games.

3. Study technique:

Nowadays we forget to keep our mind healthy. We only focus on abs, face, body figures and other parts of body. we always give the stress to our mind every second. During the exam preparation we give 10 times more stress to the brain. So the best way to study is that read only for 30 minutes and has 2 or 3 minutes breaks. You can listen music, dance and recharge your brain because research found that mind only focus for 30 minutes only. So to acquire the more knowledge and have effectiveness in study keep break every 30 minute. In this way continuously you can study 12 to 13 hours.

4. Revision technique:

Universal problem is that we cannot memorize the thing what we study. we forget it because our mind need the revision.To success the exam revision is the most important weapon. Many researches has been found that there is the revision cycle :first revision we have to do within 24 hours for example if I study 5 topic at the evening time I have to revise it. And Second revision should be done within week. For example whole week study portion I revise on Sunday and third revision will be in 1 month during exam day. So in this way you can easily cover up whole syllabus of your course in your exam day. Therefore, in this way you keep anything what you read in mind for several year too.

5. Reward your self:

we do not want to read because we do not enjoy it. We do not feel motivate. so to motivate for reading we have to give reward after completing our study. For example if I have to complete my 10 topic so that I will reward after completing every topic like pastries, candies , things you like to eat or do watch movies so you can reward yourself. After completing your study so in this way you can enjoy your study and movies, dramas, dance as well. In this way we can keep our mind motivated.

6. Stop getting distracted:

When you start to study you feel that mobile, games attracted you as magnet attracts the iron. So that you have to stop getting the distraction by the things that have nothing to do with your goals. Keep them away for few days. You just keep them away until you complete you per day goal. Just first give importance to your study otherwise you will regret for your activities because there saying that what is your karma that will you get, if you plant the seed of apple you will get tree of apple with return many apple. So within this time we have to know first what is important.If you do not value your time, time will also show the same value whatever you deserve.

7. Dedicated environment:

Environment is the factor that can convert your motivation to your study to demotivate. So that environment should gives the vibes of study. For example if we go to the temple we feel the vibes of positivity and full of hope. Do not sit on the bed while study because it will give you the sleeping vibes so you cannot focus on your study. If you feel that you will focus to study on the morning time, you can set syllabus according to the vibes you will feel. Just be dedicated to study so that you will score more and you will do not get problem in future.


The problem of the student is that they do not take rest before exam. They reduce sleep to cover up the course. As a result they reduce sleeping and dehydrate for many hours in result and just forget everything what they study. Because mind is also like machine and it will get malfunction during exam and then we blame question paper and teacher for not getting good marks. So prepare from the beginning .Be calm and just focus on the question paper during exam. Do not depend on the cheat during exam. Be yourself if you stuck in one question. Do not be panic just leave and move to the next question so you can solve the answer if you have 5 marks question and then you know 50 percent. The main thing is that do not discuss paper after attempting exam because you will feel depress or may be over excited so that it will hamper to your performance in next exam.

Therefore, this tip is very helpful to get good score in exam. There is saying that make a habit and the habit will makes you. So we should always know what should give value. It is wrong concept that reading hours decide your marks but not the way you study and knowledge gives you good result. Do not memorize the thing directly make formula for dates. For example if you have to learn the dates, places like 1930 you can relate your date to your or families birthday , and be child while study ask your question if this happen and what will be result, why ,what ,how you should have the answer of this question while study then only your study will be effective.

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how to become a creative

how to become a creative

 How to become a creative

 You might think about creativeness as one thing clever marketers or copywriters whip out after they got to come back up with a compelling ad, or a private attribute solely sure individuals, like winning serial entrepreneurs or sensible improv actors, naturally possess. however per Keith Sawyer, analysis scientist and author of "Zig Zag: The shocking Path to bigger creativeness," everybody is a lot of invention simply by taking eight progressive steps, however not essentially in linear order. His path to creativeness is a lot of back and forth, a method within which the steps to bigger imagination and originality depend upon and feed off one another.

Here are his steps for cultivating creativeness, together with a sampling of tips that may assist you on the method.

1. Raise the proper question.

Sawyer tells the stories of the beginnings of Starbucks and Instagram. Neither company would be what it's these days if its founders had continued to undertake to resolve the initial queries they wanted to answer. Rather than raising "How am I able to recreate the Italian java bar within the United States?" Howard Shultz eventually checked out what wasn't operating thereupon plan to instead ask "How am I able to produce a cushy, restful surrounding to fancy nice coffee?" And whereas Kevin Systrom originally pondered however he may produce an excellent location-sharing app, a much better question clothed to be "How will we tend to produce an easy photo-sharing app?"

2. Become associate knowledgeable.

The secret to exceptional success does not dwell on aptitude, however in deliberate observation. In fact, analysis counsel that being world category at something needs ten thousands hours of obesity isn't simply doing a similar factor over and once again, however. It ought to involve pushing yourself to master tasks simply slightly on the far side your capabilities.

You have to become associate knowledgeable in a district before you'll be inventive in it. "Successful creators do not a bit like data, they thirst for it. They cannot stop asking queries, and that they invariably transcend what they've learned from lecturers and books," Sawyer writes. There are an excess of strategies to try and do this.

             Listen to Teddy boy talks.
             Use all of your senses to totally remove into an issue.
             Get a mentor...

3. Be open and aware.

Creative individuals are invariably on the lookout for potential solutions. You'll try this by changing into a lot of aware and active attentiveness that involves by design noticing things and not pegging individuals you meet supported your expectations or the classes you have got established in your minds. Instead, attempt to be open and curious and resist stereotyping individuals.

             Create your own luck. Do not let accidents gravel you. Lots of inventions--such as antibiotic drug, The Slinky associated chew gum--came into being as a result of somebody did not brush past an accident, however, studied it instead.

4. Play and fake.

When you play, your mind will wander and your subconscious has time to figure. This is often why time without work from work is critical for creativeness to bloom.

             Explore the longer term.

             leave one thing undone.

5. Generate scores of concepts.

This is the half wherever you come back up with concepts, and plenty of them.

             List uncommon uses for common family objects.
             Try falling.
             Set an inspiration time.

6. Fuse ideas.

This involves combining things that do not commonly go along. In a very recent study, British neurobiologist Paul Howard-Jones asked individuals to make stories by giving them solely 3 words. To at least one set of individuals, the words were connected, like "brush," "teeth," and "shine." Another set of individuals received unrelated words like "cow," "zip," and "star." The folks that received the unrelated words created up a lot of inventive stories.

             Use analogy.
             Engage with folks that are totally different from you.

 7. Opt for the simplest concepts.

If you have followed the primary six steps, you ought to have lots of concepts. Currently, the trick is selecting the simplest ones.

             Know what you are looking for.
            Build concepts contend against one another.

 8. Build one thing out of your nice concepts.

Sawyer holds up the geographical region style firm IDEO for its use of "design thinking," which seeks to induce straightforward versions of conception plan|an inspiration} into the globe as early as possible--maybe in an associate hour or a day--by exploitation straightforward materials like clay or cardboard to grant form to a brand new concept. it is a method of thinking through creating, a method that usually ends up in a lot of concepts.

             Draw an image.
            build a collage.
             Build one thing.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

how to study for an exams

how to study for an exams

how to study for an exams

 how to study for an exams

We all might have seen some students work maximum hours for their study but they do not get their grades according to their diligence. And some studs give a drop of time and their results are amazing. 

What is the reason behind this? Here we are to provide you some of the tips to study effectively. Hope these tips will help you.

1.Scheduling time for study

All you have to do is organize your time to study. Don't go through your texts anytime.

Try to make a fixed time to study. Remember sick person take their pills same time each day for effectiveness.

2. Reference material for study.

Collect as much reference material as you can through which you can gather and grab the concept and get the knowledge. It's right that every reference material has common but they do have the difference too.


3.Your handwriting

Your handwriting plays a bonus role to study effectively. Just try different handwriting for a different topic while making a note which will make your concept better. Your handwriting on the test paper attracts the test paper checker too.

4. Reading effectively

Studying and reading are not the same. Reading through your texts continuously not give you a concept. Start and go at the speed of a tortoise because slow and steady wins the race.

5. Teaching technique

First, go through the text, understand the concept and teach that to others. If you are not having the group, take the whiteboard and imagine that you are teaching that particular subject to the class which you had prepared. 

6.Be away from digital material in case of study.

Always studying via mobile, laptop, computer, etc is not effective. According to the researches studying in hardcopy like books, notes, etc is found to be most effective than digital. You can take digital media to view the information.

7. Making the environment

A peaceful environment leads you to study and take the thing to your deep mind. So, it's better to clean your environment from disturbing pollution.

8. Multitasking

In the time of studying, just go only studying. Surfing the net, using the mobile distract your concentration from your topic.

9. Don't focus on the same topic for long

Focusing on the same topic for a long leads you to a hangover. Ignore the topic and move forwards to the next topic.  

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Best Gifts for College


Best Gifts for College

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Answer: This watch is used to watch time and show it off, not for bathing and diving.
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Answer: All dials work properly.
Q: Is the material of the watch stainless steel or alloy?
Answer: The watch is stainless steel and will not rust or fade.
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