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how to study effectively

how to study effectively

how to study effectively

 How to study effectively

We all might have seen some students work maximum hours for their study but they do not get their grades according to their diligence. And some studs give a drop of time and their results are amazing. 

What is the reason behind this? Here we are to provide you some of the tips to study effectively. Hope these tips will help you.

1.Scheduling time for study

All you have to do is organize your time to study. Don't go through your texts anytime.

Try to make a fixed time to study. Remember sick person take their pills same time each day for effectiveness.

2. Reference material for study.

Collect as much reference material as you can through which you can gather and grab the concept and get the knowledge. It's right that every reference material has common but they do have the difference too.


3.Your handwriting

Your handwriting plays a bonus role to study effectively. Just try different handwriting for a different topic while making a note which will make your concept better. Your handwriting on the test paper attracts the test paper checker too.

4. Reading effectively

Studying and reading are not the same. Reading through your texts continuously not give you a concept. Start and go at the speed of a tortoise because slow and steady wins the race.

5. Teaching technique

First, go through the text, understand the concept and teach that to others. If you are not having the group, take the whiteboard and imagine that you are teaching that particular subject to the class which you had prepared. 

6.Be away from digital material in case of study.

Always studying via mobile, laptop, computer, etc is not effective. According to the researches studying in hardcopy like books, notes, etc is found to be most effective than digital. You can take digital media to view the information.

7. Making the environment

A peaceful environment leads you to study and take the thing to your deep mind. So, it's better to clean your environment from disturbing pollution.

8. Multitasking

In the time of studying, just go only studying. Surfing the net, using the mobile distract your concentration from your topic.

9. Don't focus on the same topic for long

Focusing on the same topic for a long leads you to a hangover. Ignore the topic and move forwards to the next topic.  

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Best Gifts for College


Best Gifts for College

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what is the sum of 1 to 100?, how to add 1 to 100?, how to sum 1 to 100?, how to add 1 to any number? How to add 1 through 100 quickly

How to add 1 through 100 quickly

What is the sum of 1 to 100?

How to calculate sum 1 to 100?

How to get sum of 1 to any number?

Most popular questions for interview is how to make sum of 1 to 100 or 1 to 50?
So you have to give the answer as well as so fast.
Let we know about the above questions.

Here starting number is 1
Let Ending number is : x

Main formulae is :  n(n+1)/2  If adding 1 to 50 then 50(51)/2=1275
if the ending number is even then 
furmale = 

Examle 1  

 If adding 1 to 1 then

(10x  (10/2))+10/2




Example 2

If adding 1 to 50 then

(50 x  (50/2))+50/2

(50x 25)+25



So if 1 to 100 then



If the ending number is odd then 

formulae =

Example 1

When adding 1 to 11 

11 x (11+1)/2



Example 2

When adding 1 to 51

51 x (51+1)/2

51x 26


So if adding 1 to 99 then

99 x50


Simply We know about How to add 1 to any number. 

Let's do the following

1. add 1 to 35

2. add 1 to 25

3. add 1 to 20

4. add 1 to 40

Comment your answer with your gmail address.

Prizes will be announced next Monday.

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How to Clear NEET Exam in First Attempt

How to Clear NEET Exam in First Attempt

How to Clear NEET Exam in First Attempt

best exam preparation app

How to Clear NEET Exam in First Attempt

The National Eligibility bodily fluid examination|entrance examination|examination|exam|test} NEET exam is simply a number of days away. As per the schedule, the NEET UG communicating are conducted on might five, 2018. Students UN agency ar showing NEET communicating ought to follow some guideline and calendar to crack the NEET UG communicating. each student is de facto speculative on however does one crack NEET and what ar those straightforward tips to crack NEET. Obviously, that’s what brings you here.

Most would guide you that you just ought to apprehend the course of study well, the examination pattern and refer you plenty of books. a number of them would conjointly tell you with plenty of emphases that you just ought to build a calendar and target your weaker topics to crack NEET within the initial try.

But my question is, ar the following tips enough to crack NEET? several of you'd have scan the NCERT books again and again and learnt everything by memory. each page of the book mugged up! in all probability, several of you'd be in a very position to breed the whole NCERT chapters. what number of you have got been ready to crack NEET with a prime rank within the initial NEET attempts?

So, here ar a number of previous year neet solved question papers which might assist you crack your NEET communicating while not fear:

Select sensible quality books for apply

You need to spot an honest book for NEET and apply all the queries. The books ought to contain queries covering all of the NEET course of study and may not low level queries that aren't asked for in NEET. conjointly please make sure that the scale of the book is specified you'll be able to complete the whole question bank among the period that's accessible to you.

It’s typically aforementioned that NCERT books ar spare for NEET. in all probability true. however keeping constant course of study and same topics and ideas, the issue and complexness level increase in NEET communicating.

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2. Draw up a method for cracking NEET

The biggest secret is to organize for NEET within the manner within which you have got to be evaluated within the final check. perceive the target of NEET. perceive the competition within the NEET. Draw your strategy to crack NEET consequently.

If you're registered for work, go over before it’s too late. you continue to have time for a corrective action. If you're self-studying, get back your strategy and approach. If you're defrayal all the day in look video tutorials, go over.

3. What ought to be your strategy

Your strategy to crack NEET ought to answer the subsequent queries. here you may get previous year neet solved question papers.

What’s expected of American state throughout NEET examination? (Think as if you're about to set the paper for choosing the most effective talent for admission to medical faculties. Now, you recognize the expected issue level within the examination.)

How ar my competitors about to steel oneself against NEET Exam?

4. Stop reading the subject once more and once more

You can solely drum the topics for fulfillment in class boards however not in NEET. To crack NEET, you wish in-depth information of the ideas and talent to suppose and apply such idea and understanding in a very significant manner.

I have seen several students within the work categories. within the monthly tests, a student is suggested that he's weak on the such and such topic. The teacher would tell him to figure tougher and target these weaker areas. currently what this poor student will is to return back home and begin reading those topics once more and once more. within the next check, his performance doesn't improve. Why? are you able to tell American state the rationale for this? affirmative, this might have undoubtedly helped him in class tests however undoubtedly not in NEET.

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5. apply the maximum amount as doable

You must be knowing – apply is that the key to success! With apply, the information level will increase, the test-taking ability improves and on prime of that your confidence conjointly improves. i would like you to be walking into the examination hall with the best confidence. apply will solely assist you undoubtedly however it’s equally necessary that you just shrewdness to apply the correct approach in order that you'll be able to crack NEET with a prime rank.