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Thursday, May 21, 2020




Do this on lockdown; best idea

In simple word lockdown mean everything closed. Bus, truck, railway, ship, plane, office, school, college, factory, company, bank and everything closed during this lockdown causes of corona virus (covid19; named by who).
Long time of lockdown is so boring for us in this day. We should have to stay home few weeks more for our safety from covid19 or corona virus disease. In this day we should do yoga for increasing our immunity so the covid19 doesn't affect us.

Few tips to time pass at this lockdown

Here are a few important couple of tips which will make this lockdown entertain and useful for ever and ever."
Playing Ludo at this lockdown playing ludo with family members can decrease boring and it also engaged you to passing the extra time.
Do Yoga Double. Doing yoga double than regularly so you can pass the time easily to getting benefits of them. Do the yoga with different different steps. Never do that yoga which is not directed by specialist you can search them at herelockdown yoga search here

Study books Read books of famous writers worldwide from amazon kindle or other store.

Preparation for your next exams "Most effective: and important points is study for your next examination after the lockdown and covid19 worldwide.
Sleep More Sleep more than earlier because sleeping is not bad for health. Sleeping increase immune systems Do the Agriculture Do the work for agriculture or gardening or farming what is available at for you.

Some Points are memorable this lockdown

1. More than 5% people are dying by corona disease from worldwide. Near about 15 million people affected at middle of the may 2020.

2.Corona virus starting form china , buhan (Wuhan) city .

3. World health organizations declare coronavirus is an epidemic. But after the few weeks, it changed to pandemic (worldwide) If your mind doesn't take an opportunity, the subsequent round of studying isn't getting to be as effective.

4.Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020.

5. On 11th February 2020, the World Health Organization proclaimed a reputation for the new coronavirus disease: COVID-19.

6. Pandemic is also used as a noun, meaning “a pandemic disease.” The WHO more specifically defines a pandemic as “a worldwide spread of a new disease.” On March 11, the World Health Organization formally declared the COVID-19 happening sickness|a virus|a virulent disease|a pestilence} because of the worldwide unfold and severity of the disease. Read details aloud and write them down after. This makes sure that you simply don't just SEE the points, but you HEAR them and WRITE to them too.

7.An epidemic disease is one “affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.” World Health Organization (WHO) more specifies epidemic as occurring at the amount of an area or community.

8. Bus, truck, railway, ship, cruise, office, bank, mall, shop, plane, Every Factory, company, school, college, institutes worldwide everything closed during this lockdown causes of coronavirus.

9.After the closing of the factory, the company, bank many people's unemployment around the world. App 30 Million people unemployment in the USA.

What is in this lockdown

1.Stay at home.

2.Don't meet new people.

3.Always use mask.

4.Always wash your hand using sanitizer made by 86% of alcohol.

5.Keep distance of min 1 meter from the other people.

6.Stay Home and Stay Home.

Challenging of Lockdown.

1.People keep go out from home after few weeks. Because they need foods to eat.

2.People say "hunger is danger than corona virus we can't stay at home."

3.More than 2 months long lockdown made many people unemployment worldwide.

4.Many government distributes food, vegetables, medicines to the people.

5.Share market of every company go down and go down worldwide.

6.Government of India send money to the bank account of every women in the country.

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