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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Best Way to Success On Every Exam.

Best way to success on every exam

Best way to success on every exam

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We all know that we all have the exam phobia; this is because everyone says that you have to score the high grade. Anyhow but the amazing thing is that no one will tell the answer of how to recover such phobia. So there is saying that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. So within this article we are going to make the plan to success:

1. Observe the calendar:

There is the directly relationship between calendar and syllabus. Before becoming the panic you have to match the syllabus and the days remaining for your exam. You have to divide the chapter which one is important and hard one kept in the top priorities and then easy one. For example I have only 1 month to give the exam, it means I have 30 days. Split the topic from hard to easy within 25 days and 5 days for analyzing old question because it is very important to know which question matter most for you. It is said that we have to do the SMART work not a hard work.

2. Make a fixed schedule:

We all know that our mind doesn't focus on one thing. We all have a lot of things to do TV, mobile, pubG, social media but we do not have the time for study so that we have the procrastinating habit. The only way to solve this is make the list of the work you do and make top list for study, and then pubG ,social media so you can enjoy everything. For example first i wake up and get fresh and then have the routine that i have to read this topic anyhow and then only give time to other things like social media, games.

3. Study technique:

Nowadays we forget to keep our mind healthy. We only focus on abs, face, body figures and other parts of body. we always give the stress to our mind every second. During the exam preparation we give 10 times more stress to the brain. So the best way to study is that read only for 30 minutes and has 2 or 3 minutes breaks. You can listen music, dance and recharge your brain because research found that mind only focus for 30 minutes only. So to acquire the more knowledge and have effectiveness in study keep break every 30 minute. In this way continuously you can study 12 to 13 hours.

4. Revision technique:

Universal problem is that we cannot memorize the thing what we study. we forget it because our mind need the revision.To success the exam revision is the most important weapon. Many researches has been found that there is the revision cycle :first revision we have to do within 24 hours for example if I study 5 topic at the evening time I have to revise it. And Second revision should be done within week. For example whole week study portion I revise on Sunday and third revision will be in 1 month during exam day. So in this way you can easily cover up whole syllabus of your course in your exam day. Therefore, in this way you keep anything what you read in mind for several year too.

5. Reward your self:

we do not want to read because we do not enjoy it. We do not feel motivate. so to motivate for reading we have to give reward after completing our study. For example if I have to complete my 10 topic so that I will reward after completing every topic like pastries, candies , things you like to eat or do watch movies so you can reward yourself. After completing your study so in this way you can enjoy your study and movies, dramas, dance as well. In this way we can keep our mind motivated.

6. Stop getting distracted:

When you start to study you feel that mobile, games attracted you as magnet attracts the iron. So that you have to stop getting the distraction by the things that have nothing to do with your goals. Keep them away for few days. You just keep them away until you complete you per day goal. Just first give importance to your study otherwise you will regret for your activities because there saying that what is your karma that will you get, if you plant the seed of apple you will get tree of apple with return many apple. So within this time we have to know first what is important.If you do not value your time, time will also show the same value whatever you deserve.

7. Dedicated environment:

Environment is the factor that can convert your motivation to your study to demotivate. So that environment should gives the vibes of study. For example if we go to the temple we feel the vibes of positivity and full of hope. Do not sit on the bed while study because it will give you the sleeping vibes so you cannot focus on your study. If you feel that you will focus to study on the morning time, you can set syllabus according to the vibes you will feel. Just be dedicated to study so that you will score more and you will do not get problem in future.


The problem of the student is that they do not take rest before exam. They reduce sleep to cover up the course. As a result they reduce sleeping and dehydrate for many hours in result and just forget everything what they study. Because mind is also like machine and it will get malfunction during exam and then we blame question paper and teacher for not getting good marks. So prepare from the beginning .Be calm and just focus on the question paper during exam. Do not depend on the cheat during exam. Be yourself if you stuck in one question. Do not be panic just leave and move to the next question so you can solve the answer if you have 5 marks question and then you know 50 percent. The main thing is that do not discuss paper after attempting exam because you will feel depress or may be over excited so that it will hamper to your performance in next exam.

Therefore, this tip is very helpful to get good score in exam. There is saying that make a habit and the habit will makes you. So we should always know what should give value. It is wrong concept that reading hours decide your marks but not the way you study and knowledge gives you good result. Do not memorize the thing directly make formula for dates. For example if you have to learn the dates, places like 1930 you can relate your date to your or families birthday , and be child while study ask your question if this happen and what will be result, why ,what ,how you should have the answer of this question while study then only your study will be effective.

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