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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Tips for Creating a Conducive Study Space: How to Prepare a Room for a Good Student

 Prepare a room for good student.

Mind is easily inattentive through small incidents so that parents should careful and give high priority while preparing the room for children, specifically if they are students. Therefore, the following are some ways that should be kept in mind to prepare a room for good students:

prepare a room for good student

1)Colors of the room:

According to a study was done in America, European countries, and so on it has been found that green color resembles the symbol of nature and life so the mind always feels relax when it will be between nature so it reduces the anger and frustration of the students which help them to be a better student so, the wall of the toom should paint Green.

2)Posters on the walls:

It is very important to give notice to the mind about our goal. Every student in life should have a goal otherwise there will no difference between the dry wood and that individual life. In addition, there should be the kind of posters in the room that should be related to the goal of that student. A good student aims to be a doctor then he or she will paste the picture like Skeleton, Nervous, lymphatic systems anatomy in the wall. Likewise, if an individual wants to become a scientist then should paste the picture of scientists they follow so that he or she will get daily inspiration from the poster and can do better in their field.

3)Materials in the room:

A good student likes to study at the table and chair most and rarely prefers bed for study so while preparing the room it should not forget that there should be calender, alarm watch, dustbin, water bottle, table and chairs where the student can sit properly and can do their work easily. In addition, the table should be attached with a rack or wardrobe, so they can keep their books, pencils, pen, and all materials in an organized way. As a result, it helps them to find the thing while they need.

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4)Weather of room:

The sensation of the environment feels first by the skin and in a second reaches to the brain So that the room should be facilitated with proper equipment that helps to adapt in the room in a various season like Summer, winter, spring, rainy. It is because a student will be challenged to be in a room without a fan, air conditioner in the summer season.

5)Statue in the room:

There is a saying that the goddess of knowledge is Saraswati So that in every book It is believed that there is the blessing of God and the goddess. Hence, there should be a statue of God or Goddess so that there will be always positive vibes in the room and always help to think positive things and in a result leads to manufacturing good students.

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6)Distraction material the room:

A good student should give the most of the time to study and gain knowledge so the distraction materials like video games television, mobile should keep away from the room and only allow outside of the rooms that after completion of  their work they will enjoy their mobile phones for chatting, Social Media, television for different shows games and so on for the refreshment of their mind

7)Small Library:

To become extraordinary we have to think, speak differently than others so that for the good student there should make the small library by keeping the different style of the wardrobe and keep the books like a novel so that they can nurture their mind by grabbing knowledge profound by the great people, in many fields like Science,  art,  management which help them for personal development and can make them the better person.

9)Silence environment:

The wall and the door of the room should be soundproof because for the good student the focus is the main key for example while solving a math problem if someone noise enters that room then it will hamper her or his focus. 

10)Exercise tool:

A tool like skipping, dumble, yoga mat, yoga books should be in the room so that they will focus on physical and mental health which help them to do better in sports as well as in study because our body is not only made up of nervous system it is made up ok by the circulatory system, skeleton systems, etc. so yoga and exercise help to keep fit so that help for better performance in every field of life and also leads their to achieve the better character person in life.

Hence, there are a lot of things that should be remembered while making room and above are only slim picking materials that had been mentioned.

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