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Saturday, September 21, 2019

How Study Effectively. 10 Important Steps.

how study effectively

How to study effectively

In these days students have no time to study hardly and read many times, so if the students use this methods they don't have to worry about their exam.

1.Manage space

You should have to arrange the space where to study, how much space do you need to study. Choose the space where nobody distrub you.

2. Prepare Old Questions.

You should have to use old question bank and prepare them for next exam. Research say the students who prepare old questions get more marks than the students who don't prepare for old exam's questions.

3. Explain One by One

You should have to explain your chapter/questions answer/paragraph to other friends or anybody one by one just like as teacher. At the first time you should feel uneasy but after few times you feel like as a teacher. For the first time you may do many mistakes but after few days you can have experience how you can manage the mistakes and how to prepare for next chapter.

4. Make Schedule

You should create a time table study schedule chapter/subject wise. Man is natural things in this world. The digestive system of a man is regular so that you can have to eat per day at one fix time, you should have to sleep at a fix time even you have night duty on company. So the brain also work as a fix time so be regular to study at a certain time, never make your time wrong for the study.

5.Ignore Harmful Objects

You should ignore money, job, xxx, video game, smoking, Tv serial etc. Everything has the power to attract ; if some on research about chemical reaction they should have a dangerous habbit to do or die. So always keep in mind create a good habbit to study and study. Never try to bad objects so they can not attract you.

6. Memorable small Notes

Always carry a small notes to remember what is your next work to do. Always put your next upcoming work in it date and time wise. Read it time to time and try to remember. After that try same thing on next chapter.

7. Regular Diet

Include regular diet in your daily food. Just like as : apple, bananna, brinjal, watermilon etc. Potato may be causes of more sleepy. Every fruits have different different working capacity. The milk of cow with carrot is increasing high memory power with in few weeks.

8. Organize Study Group

Organize study group with your friends . You can use messenger, whatsapp etc.Talk with friend for your chapterwise problems. Always solve other's problem if can't do never leave to try for the problem. If you try to solve other's problem you know all about that one problem.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is most useful for your health. This point is most important never ignore it.

10. Plan your exam day

Sleep more before exam day. Don't miss the exam day/time. Write exam day/time in your short note diary.

Thank you.

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