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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Quick Tips for Successful Exam Preparation

Quick Tips for Successful Exam Preparation
1.Give time to study with schedule.Never miss anything at last time.
Regular basis study is so effective, so make a study schedule to force you to study for your chapter. Paste that schedule to your wall near sleeping bed.
2.Study and study when you can't mean what you are studying.
Study more and more when you can't mean, when you not remembering what are you studying, what does it mean. After few times you can understand one by one of it.
3. Don't use phone to talk anybody at the time to study.
If you study for 1 hr. then you are concentrate to starting the study. At this time if you engage with somebody on phone then you forget that 1 hr. Now you need more 1 hr to concentrate to your chapter so never receive any message and phone calls between the study.
4.Repeat two or three times to study every chapters.

5.Use flow charts and diagrams.

6.Practice on old exams.

7.Explain your answers to others.

8.Organize study groups with friends.

9.Take regular breaks.

10.Plan the day of your exams.

11.Drink plenty of water.

12.Stay happy in each minute.

13.Use internet to study but never miss your direction, never leave your topic at searching/browsing.

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