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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Students Bad Habits Must Should Avoid.

Students Bad Habits Must Should Avoid

Bad Habits Students should Avoid

As you growing your educational career some habit will harmful for your exam. As seen in research most of students with the habits below can't success in their every examination.

These are the habits students should avoid

1.Laziness in every step

Student should wake up between 4:00 to 5:00 o'clock morning time . Morning walk, Physical Yoga are must necessary to do at morning. Never be lazy.


Student should avoid drink alcohol , cigarette and any other smoking during studying career. There are around more than 50% student taking bad injection and they make their career Hero to zero.

3.Bad Friendship

As you know every students are not interested to create about their successful career and some of them are disturbing you many times as saying for cinema, visiting picnic etc Ignore them.

4.Studying with music or TV or Using Phone

This is the most powerful point above of them. Why is if you doing study for hours some one call you at middle of the study then half of hour will reset immediately After that you need half hour to centralize your topic to the brain.

5.Poor in Class Engagement and poor in material Management

Class absent and Low quantity of study materials are another affecting factor of your study.

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