Method to Study and Memories Easily.

These memorization tips will help you exercise your mind and improve memories.

    1. Organize space.
- At the time of study first manage a study environment mean a blank space(area) it will help you make a centralization to the study focus on what you doing.

2.   Think a visualize of .
- Keep in mind what you are studying and visualize the info. every what.

3.  Use acronyms
- Short form long form and make how you can remember it easily.

4.  Use image name
- There may be so many images and graphs keep its name different to feature remembers.

5. Use technique.
-  Use technique to memory it one by one in sequential chain.

6. Learn by doing.
- It is most important to do study with practical. You should remember it easy

7.  Study in different environment and in different places.
- It is also a most useful tips to study.

8. Revise the chapter.
- Revision is one another important part always repeat the text keep it your a regular habbit.

9. Make schedule for the study.
- Schedule make you a professional reader so print a schedule and mount to the wall.

Best of Luck


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