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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Save Your Laptop From Theft.

Save your laptop from theft

Save Your Laptop From Theft. Most Common Example.

There are more than 65% of Laptop theft with in 4 years from sold to original owner and they may be sold out to theft market in very low price or may be crack its hardware/software and use by thief. Some of very useful facts about Laptop thief.

Facts No. 1

More than 80% laptops are thief from window so keep away your laptop from window.

Most of men are working on table using laptop, they mostly keep the table near the window to get the fresh air from the window after few hours they left the work and forgot laptop to the table or they forgot to lock(close)the door of window when they go out of room this is general thing they don't take it most important or seriously. This is regular basis hobby for him , after few days someone find his weakness and stole the laptop from window even mostly they break the glass of window to thept the laptop.

Facts No. 2

Dues of 15 % Laptop are thief from outside of room ex. 1.forget in park ex. 2. forget at baranda ex. 3. forget to lock your door ex. 4. forget bag at tea shop or in public transport.

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