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Saturday, July 3, 2021

how to improve memory retention

how to improve memory retention

Humans being is social creatures, who can tackle every villainous situation of life with the help of the brain which is made up of the right and left brain. The right brain works creatively whereas the left brain works logically. So it is very important to talk about the memory power of human beings. If we analyze the nook of life in every field of career and to keep the relationship memory is important. For example, to remember the birthday of the wife, anniversary date husband should have a strong memory power so here are some tips to increase memory power tricks to remember anything:

how to improve memory retention


To increase memory power individual should remember the proper habit of diet. They should keep dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, avocado, milk in their breakfast because this food includes the nutrients that give plenty of nutrients for the brain.
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2)Exercise and yoga:

Mediation for every 30 minutes, every day of life helps to reduce the stress so it helps improve our memory power because stress reduces the thinking capacity to it develops the tiredness in our brain. Yoga like pranayama in which we have to inhale from one nostril and exhale from one nostril so that the maximum oxygen, reached the brain which helps in the memorization.
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Much we play and utilize our mind the power of performance will increase more so that it is very prominent to play mind games like Chess, puzzles, etc. we should decrease to use the calculator while solving math problems because the calculation helps to increase the power of the brain in results it helps to memorize anything easily.
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4)Practice remembering the dreams:

Our brain tries to recall every activity that happens in our daily life in our dream so every morning we have to try to remember that dream which we saw during night time it helps to increase our imagination as well memorizing power too.

5)Involve in physical activity:

In this modern time, people sit in one place with a quagmire Position so that it affects the backbone and spinal cord. As a result, less amount of information reached the brain. So that it creates less interest in the topic so we cannot memories the information properly.

To sum up, there are various methods to memorize information and improve memory retention.

1) Imagination:

There is a saying that "Imagination is greater than knowledge" by Albert Einstein. He always tries to imagine every aspect of the condition in his mind. He believes that visualization is key to give birth to new inventions and memorization too. In this method, we have to draw pictures in our brains. For example, If a teacher is teaching the topic of the life cycle of butterflies so we have to imagine the picture of the whole cycle from start to end because imagination help to draw the pictures of that things in our mind so that information remains longer Time.

2)Context cues:

Another method is Context cues in this method we relate the information that we have to memorize and the thing around us because our mind absorbs the thing easily which is very near to us. For example, if we have to present our presentation in the school so we can juxtapose the information like the number 2009 to 9is your class and 2is your roll numbers while giving a presentation you will not forget the information.

3)Make a story:

We never forget the story of the film which we see once a time. Similarly, we have to create the story in our mind while memorizing certain information so it will remain in our brain for many years. For example, If we have to remember the history subject and the name of the prime minister, we can make the story like ABC name is the son of DEF prime minister GHI marry with ABC pm and soon so that it will store in our right brain and helps to remember during exam easily.

Hence, above are the major tips and tricks for memorizing information and improving memory power. The above method is scientifically proven so that any age of the people can apply this method. Different age people have different memory power after applying this method all will able to memorize information.

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